Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marketing with Video Pt VI Other Ways... too numerous...

Other Uses of Video

Too many to categorize...

Recruitment Videos – Use video of your own employees to find other employees. They’ll relate best to the new recruits you’re searching for. Videos with company employees should highlight corporate culture and promote the direction of the company.

Video Blog (VLOG) As long as you’re blogging, turn on a camera! The VLOG can include what your printed diatribe can’t: emotion and personality. But don’t just use video – post a text version as well to take advantage of tags and search engine optimization.

In Store Video - Video works in stores as well online. Product promotions and how-it-works videos, played next to the products they promote, increase sales.

Company Lobby / Waiting Room Video – Tell visitors what you do on an impressive HD display – in your lobby or reception area. First impressions are lasting – so jumpstart your chances as soon as your guests walk in the door.

Mobile Video – It’s here and it’s going to get nothing but bigger. Watch for short 10-20 second messages that will be highly targeted and extremely effective. Look for mobile video to be the biggest category outside of broadcast. Coming soon to a phone near you.

Market research, focus groups and polling - Marketing companies are using video to record interviews with customers and target demographics. They not only get the survey data, they pick up the emotional likes and dislikes as well. The information these videos reveal can be invaluable.

Website FAQ Video - Use a video to take folks through the basics in an FAQ format. Simplicity, clarity, brevity are key, along with suitable visual support materials. A list of FAQ’s answered by a company expert is an example of such a video.

Video White Paper – These can be valuable when well done. Someone reading his/her paper on camera isn’t well done. The video should be as interesting as a good marketing video. After all, you are selling something, aren’t you? Information?

Video Magazine – You can deliver serialized content to customers and others via video. You must do it on a regular basis, with information the customer wants and is willing to view through a subscription service.

Dennis Dean is an Emmy-winning video producer, communications consultant and Managing Partner of Dean Group Media. Email him at dennis@deangroup.com