Saturday, January 16, 2010

Marketing with Video Pt VII Landing Pages and Micro Sites + SEO

Landing pages and Micro Sites -

It's about Search Engine Optimization...

Video is pushing traditional words and images to the side in many websites. Landing pages and microsites are no different. When they have video, they work better.

Landing pages are specifically designed to score high on search engines by focusing on a single search term to attract visitors interested in that topic. They can also work by utilizing the popularity of your clients.

Dean Group Media used this technique to build a landing page for its trade show presentation and video production services and featuring its client, Cooper Power Systems. We also show off our talent on other landing pages, such as our landing page featuring work done for the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians.

Landing pages are great tools for increasing the draw of your website through search engine optimization. And, they hold viewers longer when they have video.

Microsites can also be enormously successful. Note the microsite for the Patient Centered Medical Home concept and part of the website of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians. The idea for their micro site was concepted by The Dean Group, and features two videos by Dean Group Media. Unlike the Academy's main site, the microsite deals with just one topic. And guess what? It's become one of the most popular sites in the nation for physicians and patients wanting to learn more about medical homes. The reason? Content. The site provides useful information and offers clear, compelling videos explaining medical homes.

Not every site needs a micro site. But they can be extraordinarily useful whenever you have a topic that needs its own special focus and is not quite ready to break out into its own website.

Remember, the key to success with microsites and landing pages is good search engine optimization and viewer-retaining content. Visitors will find your page if it has good SEO and good content - especially video - will hold onto them.

Dennis Dean is an Emmy-winning producer, communications consultant and Managing Partner for Dean Group Media. Email him at