Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You're on Camera! Marketing with Video

What’s one of the best things you can do for your website? Humanize it! Websites aren’t about technology, though many web developers would have you believe just that. Websites are about people and communicating with one another, whether for fun in a social networking session of common interests or in business. Products don’t buy and sell themselves, people do!

So humanize your site! One of the best ways is a simple greeting to say “Hi, I’m Drew, here’s what we do….” (Try not to rhyme with your name, however.)

Visitors to your site will stay longer if their attention is focused. Focus it with a video of yourself or another important spokesperson for your company on your home page. Video adds a human element. Video lets people see who they are dealing with. Video adds dimension and trust. This is especially important for smaller businesses with a lot to offer but without the built-in clout and credibility of, say, GE. People expect folks at GE to know what they’re doing. Smaller businesses need to develop credibility. An online video can be important for other reasons, as well. If you are an on-camera talent, it’s only natural people will want to know what you look like. When photos aren’t enough, use video to capture their attention, get to know your company vis-a-vie yourself, and develop or enhance trust in you/your organization.

And that’s really what it’s all about. Do I trust this company? This website? To do what it says it will do? Or do I trust this person?

We’ve all got something to market. Sometimes, it’s ourselves!

For an example of what I’m talking about, just click here.

Dennis Dean is a Communications Consultant and Managing Partner for Dean Group Media

He may be reached at dennis@deangroup.com

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Marketing with Video Pt I Customer Showcase

Customer Showcase Videos

Video Customer Testimonials - As compelling as it gets. No one can tout your virtues better – and with more credibility – than your own customers. Short 15-60 second clips are typically combined with other marketing material to mount a dynamite sales pitch. Viewers may not even know their being pitched!

Video Success Stories - Similar to a customer testimonials but somewhat longer, with the on-screen person being interviewed by someone off-screen. Work well as stand-alone items.

Video Case Study – These are excellent methods for detailing how your company’s product or service helped your customer be more successful. Problem – solution - benefit format work wonders. Shorter is better. In-depth looks are fine but should begin with a short summary, then link to the longer version for visitors wanting more information. Never force the information on your web visitor.

Man-in-the-street Interviews – Use to promote events and build “buzz” around coming events, or to capture spontaneous responses that help promote your product or service or differentiate the benefits of your brand. Great for food and beverages. Authenticity and sincerity work best.

Customer Presentations – You talking to a customer or prospect and making your presentation. These are easy to video record at Trade Shows. Be sure to get permission from the client or prospect to use the video.

Product and Service Presentations

Product Presentations – Used early in the buying cycle, these focus on benefits and talk from more from your customer’s perspective. Product presentations must speak clearly to how the product solves an issue or problem being experienced by the prospect. Product presentations help your customers differentiate between your brand and offer and your competitors.

Product Demonstrations – Show off your product and differentiate it from the competition. Product demos are for use with prospects who are further along in the sales cycle, and individuals with a need to understand in greater detail how something works. Great for big-ticket consumer items, too.

Product Reviews – Third party product reviews are the most trusted. You can find them on YouTube, other social media sites and business portals. Reference them on your own site. Partner with trusted third parties to create product reviews.

Visual / Animated Stories - Quickly rising in popularity, visual stories employ illustrations, animations and motion graphics with a voice-over to explain complex products or services in a simple and compelling manner.

Next - a look at the Corporate Video and its variations...

Dennis Dean is a communications consultant and managing partner for Dean Group Media. He may be reached at dennis@deangroup.com