Sunday, January 10, 2010

Marketing with Video Pt V PR Support, Community Relations

PR Support and Community Relations

Nothing promotes a cause better than video!

Video News Releases (VNRs) – News releases can be pretty dry. Stock your news release room with video and you’ll tell a far more compelling story. Use video to support important company announcements – and start focusing on the customer, not the company.

PR Support Materials - Successful PR practitioners make it easy for networks, bloggers, reporters, trade pubs and others to promote their industry by providing video of company and industry-related b-roll, cover video and sound bites. Offer the video that will make their stories more interesting and they’ll be more likely to use.

Community Relations Video – If you’re a responsible corporate citizen, show it off. Capture your efforts on video for the world to see. If you don’t toot your own horn – who will? Blend coverage of your efforts and your not-for-profit partner dedicated to an issue (charity, agency, etc.) and you substantially increase the odds of your video being used.

Event Presentation video – Events are a great opportunity for picking up video of your corporate execs, sales leaders and product experts in action. Presentations based on these events are useful and valuable for internal and external audiences.

Round Tables - Put your best customers and other industry experts around a table and let them talk – about industry trends, issues and the future of your industry. It’s highly valuable content and, again, beneficial to internal and external audiences.

Q&A Expert sessions. Trade shows and other industry events present great opportunities for flattering industry experts with offers to interview them. Informal question and answer sessions on topics of concern to your customers will present high caliber video that draws viewers and prospects.

Dennis Dean is an Emmy-winning video expert, communications consultant and Managing Partner of Dean Group Media. Email him at